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Co-parenting at its' finest.  The child is surrounded by love and support, making her soccer games more enjoyable.  This should be a "GOAL" of all parents. 

We have resources to help you achieve this 

goal. - H. Tackitt

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  CoreTsolutions, llc
A Court Resource Firm  


1. Co-Parenting Classes - Five Different Areas - Conjoint Available 

(1) Basic - Cooperative v. Parallel Co-parenting,  (2) Co-parenting for High-Conflict Families,  (3) Co-parenting for Families Impacted by Domestic Violence,  (4) Co-parenting for Families Impacted by Substance Abuse, and (5)  Co-parenting for Families Impacted by Mental Health Issues.   Each course will discuss High-Conflict issues associated with different causes.  Each is a Court approved (12)  hour course and we will provide participation reports and Certificates of Completion to interested parties and the Court.

2. Parenting Classes - Court compliant (12) hour live class. Court and SAMHSA approved Nurturing Parent Program with additional parenting sources. See Calendar tab for days/times.

3. Supervised Visits & Exchanges - Event style Supervised Visitation schedule with experienced and trained staff, some with law enforcement backgrounds to assure safety of all parties.  

4Anger Management Course -  12 hour live hour course, meeting all court requirements.  Fee- $325.00. Course held on average every 8 weeks.  See Calendar for dates/times. 

5. Legal Document Assistance - Contact Alison Pratt, LDA at 559-871-6476 or email to: 

6. Drug & Alcohol Assessments - We use only proven NIDA tools and experienced staff members to conduct assessments.  CoreTsolutions will provide reports to all interested parties and the Court.

7. Drug Testing - Fast and reliable testing services with CoreTsolutions coordinating appointments and reporting back to interested parties and the Court.  

8. Private & Professional Mediation:  Specializing in Family Law, Probate Law, Employment Law, Landlord/Tenant, and General Contract; ADR Panel member in Fresno County Superior Court, Kings County Superior Court, and Mono County Superior Court; on Resource list in Madera County.

"We know mediation is, in fact, the most efficient and economical form of alternative dispute resolution. Regardless of the issues, all conflicts have one thing in common: the ability to be settled. So, mediate, don't litigate." ~ Heather C. Tackitt, JD

Heather C. Tackitt, JD has over 18 years experience working as a Court Mediator and assisting families who face serious obstacles such as substance abuse, mental illness, or domestic violence.   Combined, our staff has over 50 years of expertise working with families and we know that we can Resolve Conflict and Help Your Family Thrive.                  

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