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CoreTSolutions, llc -

Resolving Conflict & Helping Families Thrive

Court Resource Firm - Supervised visits & Exchanges, Co-Parenting & Parenting Classes, Mediation, Legal Document Assistance & more.

Se habla Espanol 

"The most qualified staff in the Valley. The staff is trained by professionals who have performed the work for courts for over 20 years. The staff is trained in areas of domestic violence, drug recognition, child abuse, and all required areas. The courses are taught in both English and Spanish by highly trained and educated professionals with decades of experience in Family Law and Mediation. No other provider matches the professionalism and knowledge offered by CoreTsolutions." (Customer Feedback - 2021)

Description of Other Services:

Marriage Settlement & Child Custody Agreements

Mediation is the most effective and beneficial method to use when divorce occurs. We will assist with all asset division and related issues. Mediation is certainly best when child custody issues are in dispute. In fact, the Courts require mediation prior to any custody decision.

CoreTSolutions can assist you immediately, even BEFORE litigation starts (whether you have an existing order or want to modify one). The Mediators have over 18 years experience working with children, families and the Courts in California. We will help you create lasting solutions that focus on the Best Interests of the Children.

Mediation Orientation - AOC approved video - California Courts require parties to attend/watch Mediation Orientation prior to Mediation. We have attached the link here for your convenience and we will assure compliance if the Court inquires. Click on link to watch AOC approved video:

- CoreTSolutions allows separate Mediation times in cases of Domestic Violence. -

Supervised Visitation & Exchanges, in compliance with Cal. Rule of Court Supervised Visitation Standard 5.20 - CoreTSolutions, LLC will comply with all terms and conditions as required by law (Cal. Rule of Court Standard 5.20 .) Our goal is to provide a structured, safe, and friendly visitation experience for all involved, as well as aid the court in helping to determine the need of on-going supervised services. We will add further conditions such as continuing education, live-scan background checks, and drug testing of supervision providers. Please go to our Enrollment in Services page for more details.

Co-parenting Classes/Workshops NOTE:  ALL CLASSES ARE OFFERED VIA ZOOM DUE TO COVID-19 AND WE WILL UPDATE YOU WHEN IN-PERSON SERVICES BEGIN AGAIN.  THIS SERVICES HAS BEEN COURT APPROVED.    Target groups (1) Shared /Cooperative/ Parallel Co-parenting, (2) High Conflict Co-parents, (3) Co-parents with history of Domestic Violence/High-Conflict, (4) Co-parenting for families impacted by Substance Abuse/High-Conflict, and (5) Co-parenting for families impacted by Mental Health Disorders/High-Conflict; Court approved 12 hour courses in (4) sessions in a two week period.    We focus on the damaging impact that high conflict, domestic violence, or substance abuse has on children; the negative impact that continued court litigation has on the family and children; having a better understanding of mental health issues and substance abuse.

Parenting Classes -  Discussing the developmental stages of children; importance of nurturing them and setting both parameters and goals for children. Court approved course; 12 hours -- see Calendar Tab for dates and times.

Two Specialized Domestic Violence/Anger Management Courses -- 12 hour and 36 hour courses; all Court approved -- discussing the negative impact of domestic violence on children and the family; discussing triggers and avoiding such; behavior modifications. The 36 hour course is a better fit for those who are on Probation or have criminal convictions of domestic violence. It is a more in-depth class that will incorporate even more information, such as ACE screening; live lectures from medical professionals and actual victims of violence; can be completed within 2-3 months. (6-8 hour class days/4-6 days will be assigned.) WE WILL REPORT ALL COMPLIANCE TO BOTH COURT AND PROBATION/PAROLE OFFICES.

Alcohol and Drug Assessments -- CoreTsolutions, LLC will use only evidence-based screening tools and resource materials recommended by the National Institute on Drug Abuse. We will score all tests and create recommendations to the client and the Court regarding the need for any on-going treatment. Please go to our Enrollment in Services page for details and fees.

Drug Testing & Collection - CoreTsolutions, LLC uses Xpress Drug Testing in Fresno. We coordinate both scheduled and random drug testing for the client and Court; it is a SAMHSA approved facility, providing test results in a reliable and timely manner. CoreTsolutions will collect the results and provide to any approved parties and the Court. Please go to our Enrollment in Services page for details and fees.

Legal Document Preparation- Dissolution, Child Custody & Visitation, Power of Attorney, and Probate Guardianship and Conservatorship. This service will aid the parties through the complex, time consuming and intimidating filing process; assures the case is properly filed, service requirements met, and will help organize the parties for the court process. All LDA work performed by Alison Pratt, Licensed LDA. Contact 559-871-6476, email: [email protected] ; Website:

Probate Estate or Employment Law Mediation - CoreTSolutions mediators have a vast knowledge of Probate Estate and Elder care issues. Probate cases can be complex because they often include medical, financial, and loss of life/or elder abuse issues. We can assist parties create solutions to end the stress of these difficult matters. Employment dispute matters are similar in complexity. CoreTSolutions has experience working with employment law protection agencies, as well as clerking for the federal agency. We have a detailed understanding of employment law disputes and know that we can help parties form lasting beneficial settlements.