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CoreTSolutions, llc -

Resolving Conflict & Helping Families Thrive

Court Resource Firm - Supervised visits & Exchanges, Co-Parenting & Parenting Classes, Mediation, Legal Document Assistance & more.

Se habla Espanol 

"The most qualified staff in the Valley. The staff is trained by professionals who have performed the work for courts for over 20 years. The staff is trained in areas of domestic violence, drug recognition, child abuse, and all required areas. The courses are taught in both English and Spanish by highly trained and educated professionals with decades of experience in Family Law and Mediation. No other provider matches the professionalism and knowledge offered by CoreTsolutions." (Customer Feedback - 2021)

A Custody Evaluators' Guide - A desk guide for both court officers and Bench officers. Describes the overlapping California legal codes that govern custody evaluations; the codes that allow the court officer to access "right to know, need to know" information; and court orders that will aid the investigator to gain this information for the Judge in an efficient and timely manner.

Doorways to Justice - Probate Guardianship - Based on Cal. Probate Codes Sections 1513 (c) and 1516, this guide discusses initial and immediate screening of Guardianship cases; referrals to CWS by the court and full collaberation with CPS to best investigate Minor Guardianship cases in California.

Doorways to Justice - Family Law / Child Custody Proceedings - Based on Cal. Family Code Section 3027 (b), this guide discusses initial and immediate screening of child custody cases which contain allegations of child abuse; referrals to CWS by the court and full collaberation with CPS to best evaluate Family Custody cases in California.

Testifying in Court; A Court Officer's Guide - Advice from one court officer to another regarding report writing that will withstand admissability standards; prepare the officer for direct and cross examination; overall preparation to assist the court as its' reliable expert witness.

Substance Abuse and the Impact on the Family - An overview of specific types of drugs; how the specific drug influences behaviors; the impact on family dynamics and parenting ability.